The Amazons: „If we wanted to make money we wouldn’t be in the rock’n’roll industry”


How was that german vodka you had yesterday?

Josef: It’s schnaps. Tastes like mouthwash. It’s not really strong, like 19 %. That would be something to drink when you get home, so your wife does not recognize you have been drinking.

Ok Guys, I have to be honest with you. When I first heard about The Amazons I was wondering: why did you choose such a not google friendly name for your band?

Matt: Umm. Cause it’s good.

Ok, but have you ever thought about marketing side?

Matt: We are musicians, we are not businessmen.

Sex, drugs or rock’n’roll – which one is the most important for you today and why?

Matt: Sex. Because it’s easy. (laugh)

Josef:  Rock’n’roll, because it is just our way of life.

That’s why I’m gonna ask you the next question. Do you believe that one day rock’n’roll will be as popular as it was in the 70’s again?

Matt: No. Not because of music. It is because of the way we consume music. In the 70s’ it was new and it was such a great time. I wish we all could live in 70’s again. But why we do rock’n’roll is just fun. We are not trying to prove anything. We are just expressing ourselves through this genre. I don’t think there will be any dominant genre in the future because we live in the culture with so many channels to tap into.

Do you think rock’n’roll brings any kind of a mission in these days?

Matt: Oh, it never had a mission.


I always thought rock’n’roll was something more than a genre. It builds your attitude, brings you strength when you are down…

Josef: People who came to the show tonight paid for it. I think this is the main purpose.

Matt: I just don’t understand this obsession with rock’n’roll in the landscape of culture. We are just happy that people buy our music but there is no real rockstars anymore selling millions. (…) How can we point at rock’n’roll and say what it was in the past and what it is now since the rules has changed? They are not the same anymore. We can not compare the success of artists in the 70s’ with the success of artists now. When you can have stadium filling acts that you have never heard of. Noone buys music magazines today. People follow who they want to follow.

Is it good or bad in your opinion?

Matt: It’s neither. It’s one of those things that life has just moved on and you can throw as many arguments for good and for bad in this case. It is just the way it is. You adopt to it and you use it to spread what you wanna say.

Ok. Is it a struggle then to live from making this kind of music?

Matt: We are not rich men. I pay the bills, I don’t have to work the job I don’t like so I am grateful for that. If we wanted to make money we wouldn’t be in the rock’n’roll industry.

The bands which influence you nowadays are…

Matt: I really like country music at the moment.

What about Royal Blood?

Matt: Royal Blood is probably the most exciting and coolest, one of the best rock bands in decades. I mean that’s not hard.

Here in Poland we talk a lot about democracy recently. Is there democracy in music industry? Let’s be honest: we are in a minority today. There are Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift fans who rule this business?

Matt: It’s not good that the big labels decide what people listen to and what not. You’d have to go pretty far back in time to find what was best in music. I’m talking about 60’s. Since then everything got monetized. Then you see radio stations get commercialized and they are not free formed anymore.


In one of the recent interviews I have read you are a cancer survivor. How did that experience influence you as an artist?

Josef: I kinda got a second chance. Not everyone does. I definitely live the life of excess (laugh). I feel very honoured. I very much live for today. Make of this life as much as you can.


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